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OTIA Strategic Goals

INNOVATION:  Become a recognized thought and performance leader in the art and science of innovation, particularly as applied to the deployment of technology to offer transformative improvements in mission performance

ACQUISITION:  Develop a capable, mature, efficient, and effective acquisition governance and execution organization

CAPITAL INVESTMENT:  Lead the construction and maintenance of a complete and comprehensive CBP Capital Investment Plan, including performance measures (i.e., linkage between investment in capital assets and mission outcomes)

PERFORMANCE & EXECUTION:  Efficiently and effectively lead the execution of the CBP's acquisition portfolio to ensure products and services are delivered consistent with end user expectations and requirements

LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT:  Develop a CBP enterprise wide life-cycle management strategy and support capability focused on optimizing system and support services performance, and, establishing cost reduction initiatives to reduce investment and sustainment costs

HUMAN CAPITAL:  Develop, support, and maintain high morale of a highly competent and widely recognized community of experts in all of the key acquisition competencies