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OTIA Strategic Goals

Innovation: Become a recognized thought and performance leader in the art and science of innovation, particularly as applied to the deployment of technology to offer transformative improvements in mission performance.

Acquisition: Develop a capable, mature, efficient and effective acquisition governance and execution organization.

Capital Investment: Lead capital investment planning across CBP to link investments in capital assets to mission outcomes.

Performance and Execution: Efficiently and effectively lead the execution of CBP’s acquisition portfolio to ensure products and services are delivered and sustained throughout their lifecycle consistent with end user expectations and requirements.

Lifecycle Management: Develop a CBP lifecycle management capability focused on optimizing system and support services performance, and establishing efficiency initiatives to minimize investment and sustainment costs while achieving capability and availability (readiness) outcomes.

Human Capital: Create a thriving and dynamic workplace where people are valued as individuals, where individual contributions are enhanced and magnified through teamwork, where each team member has an opportunity to succeed and grow, and where the best and brightest choose to work.