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Air and Marine Missions

The following mission sets reflect OAM's core competencies.

Air-to-Land Enforcement involves the capability to search, detect, identify and track suspect ground targets of interest moving by vehicle or on foot. Interdiction can occur on approach to the land border, at crossing points or after the border has been breached. Air-to-land interdiction is conducted in all geographic conditions and at all borders.

Air-to-Air Enforcement involves the capability to search, detect, track and sort airborne suspect targets of primarily general aviation aircraft. In a national security role, this serves the function of determining hostile intent of the suspect aircraft. Air interdiction is conducted over both land and sea in all weather conditions and operating environments. The mission includes an apprehension capability far before a suspect air target approaches the border, as the border is crossed and well into interior airspace.

Water-to-Water Enforcement involves the capability to search, detect, identify and track waterborne suspect targets of interest. Marine interdiction can involve an integration of aviation and maritime asset capabilities. Waterborne apprehensions include preventing persons or items from illegally entering the United States from foreign ports of call.

Air and Marine Domain Awareness involves the employment of OAM's Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) capabilities to provide situational awareness in all operating environments. This includes determining suspect targets requiring enforcement actions. OAM has ground-based and airborne C3ISR centers with hemispheric reach to manage this capability.

OAM performs extended border operations beyond U.S. territorial lands and seas to create a defense-in-depth, layered approach to preventing persons or items from illegally entering the United States. Extended border operations leverage force strength by applying aviation and marine assets at international source, transit and arrival zones through coordinated liaison with other U.S. agencies and international partners.

OAM coordinates with the larger law enforcement community in the transit zone through its partnership with the Joint Interagency Task Force - South (JIATF-S). JIATF-S is the tasking coordinator and controller for counternarcotics and counterterrorism missions within the transit and source zones. OAM holds the Vice-Director role and other leadership positions within JIATF-S.

Within U.S. borders, OAM utilizes its unique air and marine capabilities to provide support for law enforcement and disaster recovery and response operations. The law enforcement missions these assets perform include, but are not limited to, airborne and marine surveillance, covert operations, apprehension enforcement and special operations support.

To prevent terrorist attacks and criminal acts against the American public during special security events, OAM supports federal, state and local partners to maximize all agencies’ law enforcement capabilities. During special security events, OAM provides detection and interdiction utilizing mobilized rapid response teams. OAM also provides counter-assault teams to formulate tactical aviation and marine responses to terrorist activities. OAM may assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with airspace control measures, airspace detection and monitoring and the planning and implementation of an integrated defense plan.

Disaster recovery support involves the employment of aviation and marine assets to assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with support and recovery operations in the aftermath of any major natural or man-made disaster or attack. OAM fully supports the National Response Plan with respect to critical incident response.  

OAM responds frequently to calls for support during natural disasters or attacks; most recnetly, OAM provided surveillance and investigative support for Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombings.