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Air and Marine Operations Missions

AMO's mission sets fall into four broad categories that reflect our core competencies: interdiction, investigation, domain awareness, and contingency operations and national tasking missions.

Interdiction encompasses our efforts to intercept, apprehend, or disrupt threats in the land, sea, and air domains as they move toward or across the United States borders.

AMO leverages the expertise of our agents in the air and marine domains to conduct investigations to defeat criminal networks.

Domain Awareness is the effective understanding of the environment and information associated with the various domains (air, land, and maritime) that could affect safety, security, the economy, or the environment. AMO employs advance systems to contribute to domain awareness.

AMO performs a range of aviation and maritime contingency operations and national tasking missions, including Disaster Relief, Contingency of Operations, Humanitarian Operations, Enforcement Relocation, Search and Rescue, and National Special Security Events.