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Air and Marine Operations Leadership and Organization

Air and Marine Operations (AMO) is led by Assistant Commissioner Randolph Alles and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Edward Young. The office is organized into three primary directorates:

  • Operations;
  • Training, Safety and Standards; and
  • Mission Support.

Executive Director for Operations, Nicholas Doucet, is responsible for ongoing and projected aviation and marine operations, as well as the continuous evaluation of assets.

Operations locations in the field are divided into three regions:

  • Southwest Region;
  • Northern Region; and
  • Southeast Region.

Within each of these regions are multiple air and marine branches, under which there may be air and/or marine units.

There are also two unique entities under Operations: National Air Security Operations (NASO) and the Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC). NASO and AMOC are equivalent to a region.

The director for the AMOC is responsible for the identification of foreign and domestic threats. The AMOC is located in Riverside, California, with satellite operations centers in Puerto Rico and the Washington D.C. area.

Acting Executive Director for NASO, Steve Boyer, is responsible for the operational activities, long-range planning and project oversight for the P-3 aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems programs.

Executive Director for Training, Safety and Standards, James Platske, is responsible for the health and training of the AMO force, and oversees an air training center and a marine training center in the field.

Executive Director for Mission Support Douglas Koupash manages resources and acquisitions, and oversees a marine center in the field.

Chief of Staff John Germany leads personnel who perform a wide range of cross-directorate functions such as strategic planning and events support.